The SolidMount™

The only Patented mounting bracket Specifically Designed for Fiberglass Enclosures.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Solid Mount™.

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What is Structural Plastic

When you hear plastic, you think of cheap or weak. But the misconception is the word plastic. We use a 6000psi ABS mix of 3 different materials plus proprietary additives for The SolidMount, which gives us our strength. Also, remember, many parts in machinery, cars, motorcycles, and other items have components made from the same base 6000psi mix we use. When properly installed, The Solid Mount™ meets or exceeds UBC (universal building code) and Canadian specs of 300lbs.

Why is the installation hole 2 inches?

The 2″ hole is for the ability to move the mount to line it up with the center of or the stud has a bow.

I lost a screw. What do I do?

Reach out to us here

Will The Solid Mount™ work in a curved shower surround?

The Solid Mount™ has an adjustable mounting shaft that can be adjusted from 7/8” -2 1/8” to accommodate most showers.

Could these be used to install a shower seat?

The simple answer is No. A shower seat would create a different load and sheer than a grab bar.

Will The Solid Mount™ work with acrylic shower stalls like fiberglass ones?

You need to ensure an air gap between the acrylic and the studs. Most Acrylic showers are glued to the drywall directly, so there is no air gap.

What is the weight limit for The Solid Mount™?

When properly installed, The Solid Mount™ meets or exceeds UBC (universal building code) and Canadian specs of 300lbs.

How do you cut the adjustable spacer?

Use a hacksaw to cut the spacers easily

Can I use a power screw gun/driver to install the small screws?

No, Pre-drill the holes per instructions (Steps 24-30). Screw the 6 ‎- Specialty S/S Screws in by hand until tight.

I lost my Instructions

Nothing to worry about. Here is a link for you to download a copy of the instructions here, or you can watch the assembly video as we show step-by-step instructions here.

I heard there is an Assembly Video?

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