The Solid Mount 50 bulk units (free shipping) California Tax Exempt



The SolidMount the only Mounting bracket Designed and Patented for Installing Grab bars into a Fiberglass Shower and Tub Enclosures. The key to the SolidMount is the fact it does not get any of its support from the fiberglass enclosure. The SolidMount attaches to your homes studs that area located behind the enclosure.

The Solid Mount ™ is the solution for giving you a safe and secure shower or bathing experience. Fiberglass walls have no structural or stable support. Not only will the fiberglass shower or fiberglass tub walls flex when pushed against, but they also can crack and break over time from continual pushing or pulling. By using the SolidMount that load is removed from the fiberglass and applied to the studs of your house

Don’t be fooled by those toggle type mounting brackets with fancy wings, toggle style arms / bolts or suction cups, they may work for some applications but not fiberglass. Those style brackets / mounts rely solely on the strength, durability and support of the fiberglass that flexes when pushed on and can crack.

50 Set Bulk Order of Solid Mounts contains the following :
  • 100-Mounting plates with threaded cups
  • 100-Threaded mounting shafts
  • 100-Lag bolts
  • 100-Fender washers
  • 300-Self tapping screws
  • Instruction sheet to make copies from, or print copies from here

Requires 1 Standard Grab-bar with 3″ flange per set (not Included)

View Installation Instructions Here

Article about How to Install a grab bar into Fiberglass showers or tubs along with Tile
By: Family Handyman..


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