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The only grab bar Mounting Kit Specifically Engineered, Designed, and Tested for fiberglass Enclosures Made in the U.S.A.

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Safe and Secure

If you live in New York this is a great way to put a Grab Bar into a Fiberglass Shower or Tub

Install grab bars into a fiberglass shower
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Are you tired of slipping and feeling unsafe in your fiberglass shower or tub? We understand the frustration of not having anything solid to hold onto. Our solution provides a secure and sturdy solution to help you enter and exit your shower or tub, eliminating any worry of slipping. Don’t compromise on safety and comfort. Choose The Solid Mount™ for a worry-free shower or bath experience.

Why use The Solid Mount™ to install a grab bar into a fiberglass shower

  • It’s important to note that toggle-style mounting brackets with wings, toggle-style arms/bolts, or suction cups may work for some applications, but not for fiberglass. These mounts depend solely on the strength, durability, and support of the fiberglass itself, which can flex and even crack when pushed on. As a result, it’s best to avoid using these types of mounts for fiberglass applications.
  • The Solid Mount™ makes it easy to install a grab bar in your fiberglass shower or tub, ensuring safety and security. Don’t risk slips and falls – make your bathroom safer today!
  • The SolidMount™ creates a safe and secure solution, providing a weight capacity of 300+lbs which surpasses both UBC and Canadian standards when installed correctly. Don’t compromise on quality and choose The SolidMount™.
Install grab bars into a fiberglass shower
Safe and Secure

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