The SolidMount™

The only Patented mounting bracket Specifically Designed for Fiberglass Enclosures.

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Installing Grab bars into Fiberglass Enclosure. Use The SolidMount™, the only Mounting bracket designed and Patented for Installing Grab bars into Fiberglass Enclosures. The key to The SolidMount™ is that it does not get any of its support from the fiberglass enclosure. The SolidMount™ attaches to your home’s studs behind the fiberglass enclosure.

The SolidMount™ is the solution for giving you a safe and secure shower or bathing experience. Not only will the fiberglass shower or fiberglass tub walls flex when pushed against, but they also can crack and break over time from continual pushing or pulling. Fiberglass walls have no structural or stable support. By using The SolidMount™, that load is removed from the fiberglass and applied directly to the studs of your house.

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