How to Install a grab bar into a fiberglass shower or tub.

Can you Install Grab bars into a Fiberglass Shower or Tub?
Yes… How?

By using the Only Grab bar Mounting Bracket Designed and Patented
Specifically to Install Grab Bars into Fiberglass Showers or Tubs.
The Solid Mount ™.

Ask yourself these few questions.

Do you ever feel your Fiberglass Shower or Fiberglass Tub could be safer? 
Have you ever felt your feet slip in your Fiberglass Shower or Tub?
Do you ever feel like you have nothing solid to hold onto?
Would you like something solid to hold on to as you enter and exit your Fiberglass Shower or Tub? 

If you answered yes The SolidMount is for you.

  • Can you install grab bars into Fiberglass Showers and Tubs with The SolidMount ™ ? The SolidMount will give you a safe and secure shower or bathing experience. Fiberglass walls have no structural or stable support, not only will the fiberglass shower or fiberglass tub walls flex when pushed against, but they also can crack and break over time from continual pushing or pulling. 
  • Don’t be fooled by those toggle type mounting brackets with fancy wings, toggle style arms / bolts or suction cups, they may work for some applications but not fiberglass. Those style brackets / mounts rely solely on the strength, durability and support of the fiberglass that flexes when pushed on and can crack.  
  • The Solid Mount ™ allows a grab-bar to be safely and securely installed into your Fiberglass Shower or Fiberglass Tub.
  • Grab Bars require the strength and support it gets from the structural 2×4’s that are already part of the walls in your home and The Solid Mount ™ attaches directly to the studs removing any pull on your fiberglass wall.
  • How to install grab bars into Fiberglass Showers and Tubs with The SolidMount .The SolidMount ™ is the only mounting bracket designed and patented specifically for fiberglass shower or Tub.
  • The Solid Mount ™ does not require your fiberglass to be a specific thickness as other products do. The Solid Mount ™ does not rely on any of its strength to come from your Fiberglass shower or tub.
  • Grab Bars with Standard 2 1/2″ and 3″ round mounting plates work great with The Solid Mount ™.
  • The Solid Mount ™ will fill a void of 7/8″‘ to 2 1/8″ from the fiberglass to the 2×4.
The SolidMount Assembly The Family Handyman Magazine Image
Assembly View*
*From an article in The Family Handyman
The Solid Mount Assembly
Actual View of an Assembly

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The SolidMount Parts Image
The Parts

The Solid Mount ™ only uses 14 parts to create the strongest mounting bracket made for fiberglass enclosures.


The SolidMount Sectional Assembly Image
How The Solid Mount Works

The Solid Mount ™ is the strongest and mounting bracket ever designed for use in fiberglass showers and tubs.


The SolidMount Grab bar Image
Why The Solid Mount

The Solid Mount ™ is the only Mounting Bracket designed and patented specifically for installing grab-bars into fiberglass Showers and Tubs.


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