The Solid Mount®

The only grab bar Mounting Kit Specifically Engineered, Designed, and Tested for fiberglass Enclosures Made in the U.S.A.

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How The Solid Mount® Works

The Solid Mount Grab Bar Mounting System

The Solid Mount® is the strongest patented mounting bracket ever designed for use in fiberglass showers and tubs. This is due to how they are designed, manufactured, and mounted. The Solid Mount® attaches directly to the existing 2×4 studs in your house. It uses 14 parts to create the Strongest Grab Bar Mounting System ever Designed and Patented for Fiberglass Showers and Tubs. We use a proprietary mix to create a 6000 psi material, which is the heart of the Solid Mount®.

Quick look at the Installation Process

First, you will make some simple measurements and adjustments. Then you will install the threaded bracket to the existing 2 x 4’s in your home using a 5/16″ dia. lag bolt along with a stainless steel washer. The next step is the mounting cup made from the same proprietary mixture. Apply a little silicone around the hole in the wall and then thread on the mounting plate. By applying the silicone, it seals the shower. Installing the second bracket the same way, once that is done, the bar is ready to be installed to The Solid Mount®. Attaching the bar is done by using screws specifically designed for this type of application. That is just a quick walkthrough of the installation process. You can view or download The Solid Mount® Instructions or our Instruction Video.

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