The Solid Mount®

The only grab bar Mounting Kit Specifically Engineered, Designed, and Tested for fiberglass Enclosures Made in the U.S.A.

Any orders placed between
April, 17th - 21st
will not be shipped until April 22nd.

The Solid Mount® was issued a U.S. Patent and designed for fiberglass showers to install grab-bars into fiberglass Showers and Tubs. The Solid Mount® exceeds all Universal Building Codes and Canadian specifications.

The Solid Mount® has an install time of about 1 hour. No wall damage or patching is required. Most fiberglass showers and tubs only take 1 – 2 sets. It is common to add one bar on the end wall to hold on to when you get in and out and one on the sidewall to hold onto during showering.

 When it comes to Fiberglass Showers, The Solid Mount® is the strongest mounting bracket ever designed for use in fiberglass showers and tubs. This is due to how they are manufactured and mounted, The Solid Mount® attaches directly to the existing 2×4 studs of your house.
Click here to view or download The SolidMount® Instructions or our Instruction Video.

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