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Independant Articles about “The Solid Mount”

The Safest way to Install a Grab bar into Fiberglass

Shower Bar:
How to Install Bathroom Grab Bars
Tile and Fiberglass Showers
By: The DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine

Make your bathroom safer and more versatile by adding grab bars. In your bathtub or shower, grab bars provide extra security for that first slippery step. We’ll show you the best way to install them… Continue to article

Staying At Home
Aging in Place Design and Remodeling
By: Barry Elings, third generation remodeler and owner of Grab Bars of Greater Iowa.

Installing Grab Bars in Fiberglass Showers
Fiberglass shower install
Recently I was asked if I could install bars in two fiberglass showers. Yes it is possible, usually. The reason molded fiberglass units can be difficult is the gap between the shower panels and the wall framing. Though I have seen it done, it is extremely unsafe to attach a grab bar directly to the fiberglass panel….. Continue to article

Fiberglass Shower Can Present A Problem for Grab Bar Installations
By: #grabdashbar

Fiberglass Shower Can Present A Problem for Grab Bar Installations
Molded fiberglass showers are not the easiest place to install a grab bar, they have space between the shower itself and the wall frame. The gap created between shower and frame makes it not safe for attaching grab bars directly to the fiberglass, the material is thin and un-supportive of the weight displacement from when a person pulls on the bar in the event of a fall… Continue to article

How to Attach a Grab Bar to a One Piece Tub and Shower Enclosure
By: Alexis Rohlin; Updated 12 – 10, 2018

One-piece tubs and shower enclosures consist of a single gel-coated fiberglass shell. Grab bar mounting brackets made specifically for fiberglass installation have discs that safely distribute the weight of a person and prevent the fiberglass from cracking…. Continue to article

Grab bar in a fiberglass shower
By: Herrick Kimball Issue 114
Fine Home Building

Another Option other than “The Solid Mount”

I need to install a grab bar in an existing one-piece fiberglass tub/shower. It seems that the wall of the shower alone is not strong enough to support a lot of weight. Any suggestions?

Herrick Kimball, a remodeler and kitchen contractor in Moravia, New York, replies: The challenge here is to attach something that must be rock solid (a grab bar) to something that is thin and flexible (the wall of a fiberglass tub/shower unit). My solution is to screw the grab bar directly into blocks attached to the wood framing behind the wall. This approach works only if you can access the back side of the shower wall and may entail removing and replacing drywall…
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Remember no matter what you do or how you attach your grab bar it is only as solid as what it is attached to. There are other products available might even be cheaper but what is your health and safety worth? You can buy toggle bolts from your hardware store, The WingIts grab bar fastener ( developed for use with WingIts Grab Bars ), Moens Securemount or Delta Hollow wall Bathroom Safety Grab Bar system. None of the above mentioned attach to the framing of the house, but solely rely on the surface they mount into for their strength and security.

First to be aware of fiberglass enclosures flex and Fiberglass enclosures are not designed to support a grab bar. Fiberglass enclosures are designed to be an inexpensive way to finish a shower or tub wall out and to make it watertight. Poke a few holes thru the face and put some silicone on it and that is all. The SolidMount does just that, it goes thru a hole in the face of the fiberglass attaches to the solid framing of the house and a little silicone to seal the hole to make it watertight and attach the grab bar to The SolidMount not the fiberglass enclosure.