The Solid Mount®

The only grab bar Mounting Kit Specifically Engineered, Designed, and Tested for fiberglass Enclosures Made in the U.S.A.

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Can a shower bench be installed using The Solid Mount®?
No Shower SeatThe Solid Mount® is specifically engineered and designed for a single purpose: mounting grab bars into fiberglass surrounds. It is not intended for any other use, and using it for alternative purposes may compromise safety. For instance, attempting to mount a shower chair or bench with The Solid Mount® is not recommended. The design and testing processes for grab bars take into consideration factors such as sheer strength and pull-out resistance. Introducing a shower chair or bench alters these conditions. To ensure safety, we advise installing grab bars using The Solid Mount® and separately acquiring a mobile shower bench or chair to be placed within the shower or tub.
How Strong is The Solid Mount®
The Solid Mount® is an exceptional product that is carefully crafted to meet the highest standards in the market. The Solid Mount® has surpassed both the US (250 lbs.) and Canadian (300 Lbs) Codes; (click on the Image and/or the links below), which is a clear indication of its remarkable quality and reliability. Through rigorous testing, we can confidently affirm that the Solid Mount® is the perfect option for those seeking a product that is specifically engineered for fiberglass showers. Choosing the Solid Mount® means that you are choosing the best, and you can trust that it will provide you with long-lasting and excellent service. The engineers behind the Solid Mount® have a deep understanding of the unique needs of your shower, and they have put in the time and effort to ensure that this product offers unparalleled strength, stability, and safety. Get yourself the Solid Mount® today and experience the difference! A.D.A. Title III Regulations 28 CFR Part 36 section 4.26.3 Structural Strength Canada Specs For weight limits
Secures U.S. Utility Patent

In 1997, we successfully secured a utility patent for The Solid Mount®! The fruits of our team’s efforts, unwavering dedication, and collaborative efforts with engineers have materialized, earning The Solid Mount® the recognition it deserves through this patent. To attain a design patent you need a profound understanding of the industry and the unique ability to craft solutions to real-life problems. The Solid Mount® stands as a groundbreaking innovation, and our persistence has ushered in new possibilities for individuals worldwide. Our team’s contribution is evident, and this success serves as a testament to our collective ability to work cohesively toward a shared objective. We embody the principles of hard work, innovation, and teamwork, resulting in the creation of a unique product that has the potential to positively impact the lives of others.

How Strong is the plastic used for The Solid mount®?

Propriatary-mix-1Plastic is commonly associated with being cheap or not very strong. However, this perception is based on a misunderstanding of the term “plastic.” In the case of The Solid Mount®, we use an extremly strong 6000psi proprietary blend consisting of three different materials and exclusive additives, enhancing its exceptional strength. It’s important to note that various components in machinery, cars, motorcycles, and other products share the same foundation of the 6000psi mix we use. When installed correctly, The Solid Mount® not only meets but exceeds the standards set by the A.D.A. Title III Regulations and Canadian specifications, supporting loads over 300lbs.

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